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New to the area, or have you left the fold and want to become active again? Well your brothers are waiting on your to join the fold once again. Here at the Iota Nu Lambda Chapter we practice a strong brand of brotherhood and unity. Our home can be your home! So there is no need to wait any longer, GET ACTIVE TODAY!!!

Current Actives in Chapter

  • Charles Starrett Bailey, Jr.
  • Alex Earl Brown
  • Craig T Chandler
  • Brian Clay
  • Columbus Craig
  • Franz Andre Criego
  • Clarence Cryer, Jr.
  • Thomas Garner, Jr.
  • Kevin Dante’ Jordan
  • Dr. Aaron Keith Miller
  • Dr. Daren Andrew Miller
  • Reginald B Phillips
  • Cedric Kalani Pulliam
  • Gregory B. Sears
  • Alex D Smith
  • Allen Dean Smith
  • Walter C Ward